A R&D incubation effort I started at MXM as ACD. The multi-disciplinary team effort resulted in an iPad prototype, making exploration of one's photos aggregated from online sources, a novel contemporary experience. IA based on dendrochronology, 2-axis navigation, and touch resulted in a unique browsing experience. The effort later informed innovations for future client projects.
The motivation to design and build 360 extended beyond curiosity, team building, or simply experimenting with technology. It was rooted in solving an emergent problem. The ongoing evolution of online photo viewing services fighting for users created a unique dilemma. Where do you go to view all your photos?
360 allowed users to aggregate their photos across popular services, Picasa to Instagram, into one experience. Simplicity, exploration, and visualizing relationships through time and metadata, defined the core tenants of the app.
To reach the diverse needs of the user segment profiled, playfulness through touch was purposely paired with a layout that didn't tax user visual cognition. Photos were dynamically arranged within a scalable grid, with a 4:3 aspect ratio for viewing consistency. Utilizing a saliency algorithm ensured each image focused on the important moments of each photo.

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